Test Measurement and Evaluation

Project Description

Efficiency is the most important factor in order to survive in today’s global competitive world. Failure or interruption of an electrical system can cause many problems for companies. Such a situation can have variable consequences, from a complete shutdown of production to a high level of energy costs.

The causes of power quality problems are usually:

  • Installation: Improper grounding, improper location, and improper distribution
  • Usage: Use out of purpose of the design parameters regarding equipment
  • Reducing: Insufficient shielding and compensation
  • Maintenance: Worsening cable insulation or ground connections
  • Obsolescence: Sometimes power quality problems also occur due to equipment aging

As explained above, energy quality problems can occur as unpredictable power failure, voltage spikes and power discharges from the supply networks outside the facility, as well as inside the facility.

Seapower Engineers and Technicians has highly experienced and qualified personnel who provide services in the following areas.

Another Measurement:

  • Power Compensation Measurement
  • Earth Resistivity Measurement
  • Grounding Measurement
  • Insulation Measurement

Intensity of Illumination Measurement